Thursday, 5 January 2017

Working of SCADA System In Steel Industries

SCADA means  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA is a system which is used to monitoring the running process, monitoring the parameters as well as control the output and collection of data. Generally SCADA used in the control system in any of the plant where we monitor and control.
It consist of three types of station:- 
1.      Operation Station
2.      Engineering Station
3.      Server Station
Ø  In the Operation Station the operator monitors the working process and online parameters.
Ø  In the Engineering Station the specialists of SCADA develop the SCADA, modifying the SCADA requirement if required.
Ø  In the Server Station the SCADA does not work as an Operation Station & Engineering Station it just only stored in server data when in any main station.
Now a days the SCADA used in world wide industries e.g. Steel, food, oil, package cement etc. In the steel plant we does not only use SCADA but we use all Automation equipment like Electrical Motor, Instrumentation network. SCADA is depend on the programming of PLC.
The major function of SCADA in Steel plant is to Supervision, runtime controlling the field device & collect the data. Due to Industrial standards and their characteristics which very important for plant operation point of view, the SCADA system has accepted by major of the plant.
Why SCADA used in Steel Plant:-
In the Steel plant for Monitoring & controlling function SCADA is the best system, some features of SCADA system which is best in industries are given below:-
1)      SCADA system is fully computer based software which is used to control Electrical Equipment, collect & store very large amount of data.
2)      SCADA system allows to plant engineer to interact real time process data from level 0 equipment, field sensors etc.
3)      The input output terminal unit which is working in remote area is the main source of process data this create online image of the system.
Advantages of SCADA system:-
1)      Easy to under stood the operation of plant, Easy to developed the plant design in SCADA system.
2)      SCADA is reliable and robust system that’s why it is used in critical industrial process environment where reliability and performance is priority. In well established framework specific development is performed by SCADA system that enhance reliability and robustness of the system.
SCADA is just the tip of the ice bug. Other tools & skills are required to fully Automate the industry’s control processor like Motor, Drive, Process Instruments, DCS, Penal Design etc. For more information:-
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